Network Upload Options.. question!

Hi guys, I dont have a WD TV Live Hub yet, but am thinking of purchasing for a client for their needs.

What methods of uploading files are there from the network connection?

Is there a way to hit the device over HTTP(s) by it’s IP Address and what what functionality does that give?

Can you view/altar the files sitting on the internal HDD of the device over the network? (IE an FTP or even a WD app)

Thanks for the advise from those of you who already own this item.

You can copy and view files to/from the Live Hub over the network with the caveat that the copying process can be tediously slow for large files and the viewing process for unlocalized content that is in a high bandwidth format (MKV, MP4, etc) over a wireless network can be problematic. As for modifying files stored on the Hub, not really. You can change filenames, but not edit anything via the Hub as it is primarily a playback only device.

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I believe I found my own answer in the 236-page User Manual! Sheesh.

I see the Live Hub can be hit at \hostname or over HTTP for the WebUI. The feature I found is called Twonky Media which apparently allows you to upload or download media files.

If your internal to the network, you can also download WD’s tool to map a network drive to the share of the Live Hub for drag-and-drop ease of file transfer to and from the device.

Hopefully, when I have a picture slideshow running, and I drop a new file on the HDD in the background, the slideshow will pickup on the new file and add it without interrupting what is viewed on screen.


Thanks for the response! Makes sense.

Luckily my client only has a 10 picture slideshow running up to a large TV in a commercial business building for advertising, so the files aren’t large. I’m looking to remove the need for a PC on site by using this device. The only contingency is the need to upload new pictures remotely through the internet, which appears to be possible throught the web GUI.


In order for new media added to the Hub to show up you will first have to enable the Library and then wait for it to compile. Not a biggie, but the new media won’t show up instantaneously.