Network unstable : disapears ... then re-appears


i’ve been using my live book for months without any issues .

i use two DLNA servers :

  • serviio in case the computer is on (this way MKV files a handled)
  • twonky when the computer is off

since a few weeks i have a strange issue (where as i did not change anything on the network) :

the network is unstable … twonky (and serviio) disapear for a few secs then comes back … 

as a result no video file is readable … it stops everytime the network “crashes” …

oddly i can read MP3 files without troubles …

is this issue can be related to a corrupted video file ?

is the switch i use dead ?

i tried rebboting the WD livebook , the internet router (libebox play from orange … i’m french), removing old video files in order to decrease the number of files handled (several thousands) … so far nothing worked …

may someone help me ?



Hi, try using a static IP for all of your connected devices.