Network timeout errors after using audio playulist

The issue is that I get frequent “Network timeout” and “No UPnP service” errors when streaming audio.

I’m using:


  • It seems that the relevant settings are basically correct. Sometimes I can play
    several playlists one after another with no problem. On the other hand, either “Network timeout”
    or “No UPnP service” may occur after the first playlist.
  • I’ve don’t recall ever having had a timeout error with
    anything other than streaming from the EX2.
  • Immediately after rebooting the WD EX2, I can always play at least one playlist.
  • Once a playlist is playing, it always completes i.e. a playlist has never been interrupted by
    an error while playing.
  • If I pause while playing, I can restart playing later.
  • There’s no pattern to how many playlists I can play before getting an error - sometimes 1
    or 2, but I’ve played as many as 5 or 6 in a row without a problem.
  • I get “Network timeout” more frequently between about 1300 and 2200 UTC i.e. during
    working hours in my time zone.
  • Roughly 2/3 of the errors are “Network timeout” and 1/3 are “No UPnP service”.
  • The only way I’ve found to get past these errors is to reboot the WD EX2.

Any thoughts? Thanks.

How’s your WD My Cloud EX2 configured? Is it set with a static IP configuration?

No … DHCP.

Here I posted solution, that helped to me: Video streaming stops after 20 -30 minutes