Network Syncing with the WD HDTV Live Hub - Questions

Right now my setup is as follows:

My main movies and TV shows are saved on a network G-Drive 1TB networked via a Mac OSX server.  I have the WD HDTV Live Hub network syncing the movies down from the G-Drive to it’s local internal 1TB drive.  Everything is working as expected and this way I have my media stored in two places so i can always get a backup if needed.

The issue:

My 1TB internal drive is almost full.  My plan is to purchase two identical drives of 2TB or more.  However, how does this work with the WD HDTV Live Hub?  If I connect a empty 2TB drive to it (giving it 3 TB of total space) ,  and move my movies on the network form the 1 TB to the newer 2TB+ HD, and setup networok sync, will the WD HDTV Live Hub know that when it’s internal drive is full to use the externally attached USB drive for more space?

Please let me know as I am trying to figure out what the best option is.  I could technically just pull all the media from a big network drive (and backup it), but I like the idea of having the media local and freeing up my network while I’m playing video in my main TV room.



No, the WD TV Live Hub  will not synch your movies to another drive, once the internal drive is full.

Darnit… so any place to put in feature requests?  

So basically it seems that the best method after the internal drive is full is to just move all the internal movies / tv shows off to the external USB drive and then start the procedure over again?  Or perhaps just buying two network drives and streaming from a share?  Just seems like a waste of the internal drive.

Thoughts?  Ideas?


Sounds like you’re way overthinking it.

If your internal is full, just add new media to the EXTERNAL. 

It’s done the same way … via the network, or whatever.