Network Sync

Hi all,

I have a MyBookWorld drive on my network and am wanting to sync my Movies folder to the hub.  It works fine, which is great, but I’m struggling to get the user experience I want when viewing the content on the Hub.

Anyone with a mix of TV Shows and Movies will have come to the conclusion I’m sure that the only sensible way to navigate is using the ‘folders’ view on the Hub.  The problem I have is that ‘folders’ view combined with the Network Sync is very very messy.

The reason is that network sync creates its own folder on the root of the hub ‘network_sync’ - it then replicates the folder structure from your network share - in my case this creates ‘network_sync / MYBOOKWORLD / PUBLIC / Shared Videos / Movies’.

Navigating through that structure to get to my file is not a great experience at all!  So, my questions are:

  • Any way to change the default ‘to’ location for netwok sync - for e.g. I could tell it to syn files directly into the Movies folder I have on the root of the hub?

  • Any other ‘smart’ way to manage Movies vs TV Shows other than folder view?  I thought maybe you could do something clever with Playlists or one of the other ‘filter’ options?

  • Any other ideas?..

Thanks all


I find that the Media Library takes ages to update if I use Network Sync

I’m going to try turning Network Sync off and use Sync Toy on my home server to duplicate my media on to the hub, that way you can select the destination folder on the hub.