Network Sync

I have the WDTVHub Syncing to a folder on my Netgear ReadyNAS 600 LUltra Plus, working fine. My question is, I just added a Seagate 2Tb Desktop USB Drive, the 1Tb drive in the hub is full. If I move movies over to the Seagate to free up space, will the WDTVHub pull the movies I just moved from the network sync again?


Have the same Question. Can any one explain.

Well can be tested in fact but I have 1tb data, hard to actually play with it.

Any help???

I move my Movies from the Network Sync folder on the Hub to a Movies folder in the root on the Hub and if I don’t delete them from the synced folder on my PC afterwards, the Hub will recopy them over to the sync folder again.

Move a couple of files to the external. Remove them from the internal. See what happens. No need to move everything just for a test…

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