Network Sync Rules

Hi there. 

Was wondering if anyone knew if the network sync really “syncronises” files or just copies them. I have it set to the “My Pictures” folder on my laptop. If I spend some time sorting out the images, deleting, renaming, re-foldering etc. will the changes all be reflected on the WDTV network_sync folder when it eventually gets around to syncing the two devices?



The files are synced

folders that don’t reflect any changes will not be added

files that have been edited and new files will be added when synchronized

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Sounds like it does what it says on the tin so to speak.

I assume deletions are also carried out in the sync?

AFAIK files won’t be deleted from the Hub

Mmm not a true sync then. Think I will monitor a couple of files over a week or two and hope for the best.