Network sync files not showing in video library on WD Live Hub

I have my WD Live Hub mapped as a drive on my computer, and I can move files to a directory called movies.  Those show up in the files view and the videos view on the user interface of the hub.

I set up a network sync so that the hub will sync to a directory on my computer.  That way I can copy movies into that directory and during the idle times the hub is supposed to copy them to the internal hard drive (sync).

When I look at the hub through explorer I see the movies directory, and some of the files are in there.  I also see a directory under (IP address)\wdTVLiveHub\Network_sync\Computer Name\movies – and there are files in there that match my computer directory.

However when looking at the video library or the file library on the hub I don’t see any of these files. I know they are there, I can see the files via my computer.  I see them on the hard drive of the hub, but I can see them VIA the hub interface. 

How can I see the files that were synced from my network share via the hub interface and play them on the tv ? 

I don’t want to always have to manually copy the files over to the hard drive of the hub, takes too long and that is what network sync is for.  Why are the files on the hub hard drive but I cant see them via the hub interface?

Power down and disconnect the Hub, and then plug it back in. Then you will see the files.