Network Stuttering (wired AND wife-N) on Popup , make or MPH, .. Xvii (SD) plays fine

Hello! My  name is Robert

 3rd generation WD TV Live!  I am using Windows shares over a wired network.  Streaming is NOT enabled and I do not connect to that option. It has no problem finding the windows shares? It always does eventually start, a movie , when I press play?  But it takes forever.!!! 10-15 seconds to launch a movie (loading loop sequence) ,… 30 seconds to discover network asset, like my PC. 

I installed the freeNFS software and that’s what I am running on all of my computers, especially my one main desktop.

So now what I am experiencing: 

inconsistent play. Freezing of video - randomly, intermittently, with no sequence or order.  It will always resume play, about 5-10 seconds after the freezing/stuttering/looping starts.  


 random stuttering, freeze-up, and general inconsistent/slow play of any/all make, … Encoded in a bunch of different bit rate , with a bunch of different settings… I’ve experienced this WI-if stuttering issue over and over again.

I’m using the newest firmware:  1.12.14 (right? Newest?) 

I think my windows network is sound. I have now, broken out the Ethernet cables. I am using wired network from desktop PC, to network router, to wad TV live player. 

This device (new to me!) so I have no experience with this issue before the firmware update.

So,… I’m sure that Tim leaving out some stuff. And I’m sure that this post could be formatted better, in order to give myself a better chance of getting help and solving my problem.  So.  What else information do you guys need?

I figure, I’ll get input from you here. And then I will re-post this thread, (properly formatted as a “Help” post) in  the other section.

Thank you!!

AS. This stuttering issue does NOT happen with smaller, lower quality files.  I am watching xvii files successfully , in full length, without any of the stuttering that I’m talking about with mkv files above.

that made me think initiailly, that it was a bandwidth problem. that it was my network’s fault. that’s why I made sure all of my devices are broadcasting 902.11n -only, and I made sure that my wifi router is only broadcasting 902.11n signal at 40hz.

I guess, this means it could be my machine. my pc?  but, I’m telling you. this iw a new windows install on a set of new hard drives. the network is fresh and … I am really frustrated.

at this point, I am basically shopping for replacement/competition products.  Maybe , I will get, the Logitech Revue?  or the … the Vizio Co-Star?

well, there’s a lot to discuss with wireless N speeds

probably the best reference I can think of is

pay close attention to the security protocols used, etc

also distance between the router and your WD will make a big difference, what kind of walls the signal must travel through etc, if you’re 100 yards away, probably nothing you can do except move the device closer

that said WD lacks the 5ghz band,

and another option, windows shares are known to be slow

you could use hanewin or freeNFS

NFS is a much more effecient protocol for sharing

You are probably suffering from weak signal strength.  You are dealing with basically a radio transmitter and receiver with a router, and you have to attack the problem as if you were getting bad TV or radio reception.  Also, the higher the frequency you use, the less range; e,g, when I recently replaced my trusty g-router with a new hi-tech dual-band n-router, I found I did not have the range I needed, and less range than the g-router.  I bought a router known for it’s great range, it even has three external antenna that can be aimed. So, I went looking for a tool to help me fine-tune the system.

I found and downloaded a great free program called inSSIDer.  With this program you can see all the wireless around you – so you can select a different channel for your router with less interference, and you can see your signal strength around the house if you run the program on a laptop and walk around checking the signal strength so you can optimally aim your antenna (or router w/internal antenna) .  If you use this program and can get better results that are satisfactory, you are better off.  If even with getting better results you still have problems it might be time to  relocate your router (e.g. get it up higher, like on top of a bookshelf) or even upgrade your router.  Anyway, I was able to fine-tune things enough that I have good wireless everywhere I need it again, plus I had moved from wireless-g to n, and now had the higher 5G band that is real useful for streaming.

You can find inSSIDer here in both PC and Mac versions:   click on the Product tab to find the version you need.

first, the obvious problem. I plugged in ethernet cables?  to and from the device,… so it’s wired network, now. and… and it’s still playing 1080p mkv, and mp4 files the same way.  it still play for a… random amount of time, and then it will start stuttering and freze, then it will fast forward a little bit and then it will eventually come back to normal and actually play correctly…

I guess, this means it could be my machine. my pc?  but, I’m telling you. this iw a new windows install on a set of new hard drives. the network is fresh and … I am really frustrated.

at this point, I am basically shopping for replacement/competition products.  Ma yb ethe Logitech Revue?  or the … the Vizio Co-Star? Maybe i’ll buy one of those, … maybe then, wifi will work and then I’ll be done with problems…  sigh!

in any case?

I installed the freeNFS software and that’s what I am running on all of my computers, especially my one main desktop…

Well, if it’s doing it when it’s wired then it maybe your encodes and nothing to do with your network.

There was an issue that caused the problem you have with Handbrake encoded mkv’s.  This was a writing library issue and the SMP couldn’t handle the newer writing library used by later versions HB.  However, this should not be a factor with the newer firware.

But it could still be an issue depending on what you used to encode the mkv’s.

Also, if your connected to the SMP via HDMI, have you checked your video settings?  If it is set to “AUTO” try changing it to 1080p/60Hz.  There are issues with the “Auto” setting were the SMP does not detect the correct settings and if is wrong it will cause playback issues.