Network stream instead of sync

Hello there,

I bought a WD TV Live Hub recently. I managed to get a sync from my Network HDD, where all my movies and music are stored.

It took a while to compile the media library, but afterwards it worked fine.

But everytime I add a movie onto the Network HDD, the Hub doens’t automatically see the file.

Now it seems that the Hub COPYS all my files stored on the network hdd, isn’t there a solution that it streams all files from the network drive instead of copying eveything?



You’re talking about two different things, so I’m unsure where you question lies.

If you SYNC from a Network Drive, then you would PLAY from the LOCAL DRIVE (the Sync Destination.)

If you want to play from a Network Drive, there’s no need to SYNC.

Yes, it’s a known issue that the Media Library doesn’t automatically detect when changes are made to network storage.   All you need to do is restart the Hub and it will pick up the changes.

Ok, I don’t want to sync. But I can’t seem to browse my files in the network otherwise.

One doesn’t have anything to do with the other.

If it can SYNC the network drive, then it can BROWSE the network drive.

Did you change your CONTENT SOURCE to be the network instead of local storage?