Network Storage Advice

I was hoping to get some home technology/entertainment advice, as I know you’re all across this, so sorry for the silly questions upfront. It maybe better if I start with my existing set-up first, with all the following located next to each other in the same room:

  • Topfield DVR (500GB)
  • Yamaha AVR
  • Netgear CG100 cable router
  • TV

I would basically like to:

  • Expand the storage of the DVR
  • Easily watch downloaded shows on TV from an external HD
  • Only a nice to have: network storage ability

I was thinking of attaching a network drive (WD ‘My Book Live’) to the router, however unsure of how a few things would work:

  • Will the DVR be able to access the network storage as additional capacity in order to record TV shows (i.e. extend the storage capacity of the DVR) ?
  • What is the best way to access the files on the network storage to watch them on TV ? Is it via the DVR ? (I assume that the DVR will be able to handle the majority of file types and a separate Media Player isn’t required)

I am guessing the simple alternative is to the above is to just utilise a ‘My Book AV’ and connect that to the DVR, however I would then lose any benefits with network storage.

Thanks for your help in advance,


In order to know that, you need to check your DVR manual or visit the Topfield support website. That way you can know what options you have to expand the available space that you have. The My Book live will make available any file that you have saved in it with the DLNA media server or as a network shared folder.