Network sharing?

… for no obvious reason wd tv live stops seeing network shared folders … youtube works just ok, check connection says everything is ok, but still wont access shared folders … reset from pin hole gives me no result, like when reset router-nothing happens … shared folders are set like before with no restrictions whatsoever, but it wont open anything … anyone?   

win 7 32 bit ultimate
wired connection
no firewall


Computer?   OS?  

… it says right below in my first post, except computer: pentium i3,mbo gigabyte,4gb ddr3,router siemens sx 763 … wd/PC settings, as I say before, are exactly the same as before, when network sharing worked … go figure

Did you do a Windows Update which installed any of Microsoft’s “LIVE” components?   Particularly, the WIndows Live Sign-in Assistant?

… could be, since I upgraded windows some days ago … I found that  in my installed programs, but even when removed it, still same issue …

Exactly what got installed?   If you installed the Office 1.5 Live additions, or whatever it’s called, it is possible that an uninstall won’t correct the issue.  You may have to do a “Restore” using a restore-point that was saved before that update.

… well, I installed only critical and important updates, nothing from optional, but I did found some WIndows Live Sign-in Assistant and removed it … here’s screenshot of last update:

… I’m afraid that system restore is out of question, since all usable restore points just wont work:

fango wrote:


… I’m afraid that system restore is out of question, since all usable restore points just wont work:


Really?  That suggests to me that something bad happened to your system and that may be part of the issue.

Just what the heck did you do that you can’t restore?  (Hopefully not download anything from the internet you weren’t 100% sure of).

… as attach. picture suggest, system restore just wont load 4 previous restore points from june 2010, why? … dont ask me … system works ok beside that, did not noticed some issues with viruses, trojans, BSOD etc.

… it has to be something with windows update as TonyPh suggested, it is only thing I change to my system, before that WD networking worked …but now I cant restore system to correct that

… I’m afraid all advices about mine networking issues has been useless, for me at least, but here’s a way I solved it: simple install Conceiva Mezzmo DLNA media server-scan for shared folders, start media server, run on windows startup and all off mine shared folders are back online, not under network sharing, but media server!


… here’s update of (mine) network issue, this time properly solved with TonyPh12345 generous help, after days of PM’s we solved (lost) network sharing option and now everything is “back online” … basically, for some reason my network settings was corrupted in some way, like, in my device manager, under network adapters (view-show hidden devices) we found 220 microsoft 6to4 Tunnel Adapters (only God knows purpose of this) and after removing all this adapters manually, one by one, in safe mode, network shares works again on wd tv live! … thanks again Tony!


Sorry for my  english or american language(I’m french!!!)

I had similar problem during few day, but before a storm all was OK. After rebooting WDTVLIVE, Mybookworld, PCs, LiveBox (orange in France) and so , nothing better. In the same time, my TV decoder with my LiveBox was out. The hotline of Orange asked me to do some adjustments on this decoder, and suprise : the IP adress on the decoder was the IP address I gave to ly WDTVLIVE !!! How this adress arrive teh decoder : mistery !!

After rebooting the livebox (not electrically, but by the sotware on my PC), all was OK on the decoder, adn after rebooting on the WDTVLIVE and giving new IP adress, all was OK !!!

good luck for the unlucky users of WDTVLIVE