Network Sharing Issue

I have a problem with my new WD TV Live Streaming box. I bought this as a replacement for ther previous generation one, which worked fine with my setup (Buffalo Linkstation NAS). I also have a previous generation box in the bedroom, which continues to work fine.

The problem with the new box is that it won’t pickup the network share. Both on the Windows Share and Linux Share options, I just get the spinning wheel. The connection is wired, and I can access internet services with no problem. As I say, the previous box works fine with the same setup. Under Media Server, I just get the other WDTV box showing up.

Could it be a permissions issue? In which case, why do I not get it with the old box?

Please help!!

Make sure the workgroup names match across your entire network.

“Linux Shares” only work if your NAS is running NFS.

It’s not a permissions issue as permissions aren’t checked until after you select the NAS from the menu, and you’re not getting that far.

Thanks very much. Nailed it straight off. My home network, although I have no recollection of changing the name from the default, was called something else other than WORKGROUP. Changed it back, and everything’s working fine.