Network shares

Everthing was working perfect for years. I just upgraded my services with my ISP. I had to change my router to a new 802.1ac. My old one is an N router. Now the network shares dont work correctly. I was able to get win 10 to stream to the wdtv but I can no longer view the folders on the win10 from the wdtv. If I go back to the old setup of modem and router. I have no problems at all but I would like to upgrade to the new 802.11ac wifi router. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

With all your upgrading to the “latest” (ISP Services, Router, Windows 10)

Time to think about upgrading the Media Player as well … which is probably the oldest most obsolete of the lot.

The problem might be SMB1 ? which Windows 10 no longer supports (disabled for security) and the WDTV Media Player is SMB1 only … and does not support SMB2/SMB3

If you’re happy to ignore the security risks, check out
Turn on SMB1 and it should work as before.