Network shares vs. media servers?


I just got my WD Live TV Plus and have 2 laptops connected to it wirelessly (one is XP, one is windows 7).  I have the player wired directly to the router.  I am having a problem accessing only the Windows 7 laptop through media servers:  the connection drops every 15 minutes exactly.  I was having a problem accessing the windows 7 laptop through network shares too as I couldn’t figure out the password, but I have recently solved that (admin & admin) and I am now able to stream through network shares with no problems.

My questions are :

  1. why does my connection drop only when I am accessing through media servers

  2. why does it drop so regularly (ie. every 15 min)

  3. are there any differences in quality of the videos I am streaming through network shares?  I am satisfied to use network shares if there is no difference in quality.

Thanks so much

That`s an interesting question. but

1- don`t know

2- don`t know

3- No as long as there is no transcoding.

Which media server are you using ?

As for my experience with both modes, I found that using my media server (PS3mediaserver) the medium start quicker and is more robust when I`m using the network at the same time. It is also more responsive in FForward (search mode). With shared folders, it works but sometime an HD content slowdown, stutters and I loose the sound. A stop and start at the same point restore it. So for me the most reliable streaming is with the PS3mediaserver, which by the way does not transcode with the Live. While I am no expert, I think the streaming engines are more optimized for media streaming while shared folders are more oriented for … files sharing. :smiley: