Network shares unavailable, even though internet works

I’ve been using the 1.05.04_b firmware since it was pushed to my box with absolutely no issues. I use it to stream from netflix and watch videos saved on the hard drive of my PC. Yesterday, the network shares feature stopped working. I can still access my hard drive through “media servers”, and still have access to netflix, but when I navigate to network shares, the box won’t even show me the login screen (where I normally leave the default “anonymous” user and click OK). I can still access the files on my desktop from the laptop with a wired connection and my cell phone over wifi. The WD box is connected to the switch (a linksys) via Gb ethernet.

What I’ve done so far:

  • Power cycle the WD box, the switch, and the desktop. No changes. Ensured that the power for the WD was disconnected for a minute before plugging back in.
  • Reinstalled 1.05.04_b firmware on the WD
  • Rolled back to 1.04.31_b

This all started yesterday, and there was no specific trigger I could think of that might have caused it. We were using it normally, and all of a sudden, one time when we tried to access the network share, it wouldn’t work.

Before you suggest I call WD support, they have a policy that even if it’s their fault and not a “setup question”, I am charged for a setup service ticket. My only options are fix it or RMA it.

I’m in pretty much the same boat here. Honestly though, I think I’m done with all WD products. This is not the first one of their products I’ve had many issues with. It seems as though every time the firmware is updated I lose something. Most noticeably the ability to play certain formats. I have two units and one will play a certain file type and the other won’t. Most noteably MKV. Sometimes it will play. Sometimes it won’t. No rhyme or reason to when or what type it will or will not play at any given time. Certain files will not show up(complete HDD is shared) until moved into another folder and most reacently I can not access ANY of my network shares. Internet media works fine, as well as local drives and even o ne of my two media servers. Not sure why only one? Nothing-NOTHING-has changed on my network. Usually a power cycle or reset of the unit, router, modem or all three resolves such issues and if not a good ol reset does the trick. Not this time. And tech support wants to charge for any type of help. I don’t think so. As my screen name says, I’m an EX customer. Too many issues. There are too many other options out there to continue dealing with the vast issues WD seems to have.