Network Shares setup - Links to possible solution

Here are some sites which offer solutions to the problem of setting up Network Shares on Windows 7.

Hope they help.

WDTV Live Network Shares & Windows 7 (Solved - How to fix)

WDTV LIVE network problem - SOLUTION

Enable Network Shares on WD TV live & Windows 7 Ultimate x64


Thanks for the links.  Though, it seems that much of the information I have seen so far is either contradictory or coincidental.  I wish that some of those posters that offered solutions would come back and indicate if the “fixes” actually changed the way the WDTV behaves consistently.  That is, I’ve tried many of the solutions offered, and through various re-boots, re-connections, have gotten the shares to be visible, only to come back the next day and have them disappear.