Network Shares not working?

I know it is a common problem. I have googled and read everything here and on avsforums and many others. I am frustrated and left with no option. This is a great product that I would love to recommend but just does not work. I have a Windows 7 Home Edition running. I have Network Shares, Tversity and Serviio. Network Share and Tversity do not work. Serviio works but it is not very useful due to lack of image file support.

I have tried everything to make Network Share work but it just doesn’t cooperate. Followed all instructions and even removed firewall for a while. Turned off homegroup, all sharing and just used “Everyone” as mentioned but it keeps giving the message “There is not media in the current folder”. I am going to try for few more days, then dump this and get may be an Asus or Popcorn.

Well, if you can’t get sharing to work, I don’t think changing media viewers will improve it…  The problem is most likely with your PC.