Network shares not working

I just upgraded to the WD Live and I was really looking forward to using it. I have the last version and had very few problems with it.  I am thinking of returning the WD Live. Sometimes it will see my videos folder on my wireless network, sometimes not. Sometimes when I plug in a flash USB drive the WD will see it, most often it won’t. Network shares has worked… twice. Very often it will just drop the wireless network.

Now I am not an IT expert. I have read the other threads here about many of these issues and I am totally confused.

This is a consumer product. Most consumers are not networking experts. We put the disc in, close the tray and push play. If a product requires you to jump through all these hoops then is should come with a warning because it is NOT for the average user. I had to call customer support on my last WD product and after 45 minutes on the phone with somebody in India who I could barely understand and who could barely understand me, I was transfered to a tech in RIverside Californin (about 30 miles away from me) and he cleared things up. I burned a lot of cell phone minutes when I shouldn’t have had to.

My bottom line isd this-- Either fix these problems that a lot of folks are having or loose a loyal WD products user. We aren’t networking experts and we shouldn’t have to be to use a product that brags about its ease of use.

And your question is?

These are, by and large, user forums.  If you have ideas or things you want fixed/implemented, you need to go to the Ideas forum (link above).  If you have specific issues you want fellow users like yourself to help you with, you can ask the questions here and we’ll try and help you.

Since most of the threads covering the networking problem are here I figured it was the place to ask. But since you missed the point (I guess) I’ll ask a question: Why aren’t these problems fixed?

Actually, you’re missing *my* point – we’re users here.  If you want to direct ideas/comments to WD staff, use the Ideas tab.  If you want to ask questions we users can answer, feel free (if you really want MY answer I’d say the device works just fine IF you accept the limitations, which is true of any device).

Next question?

No need for sarcasm, Mike. Perhaps you saw my post as being contentious, it wasn’t meant to be.

I’ll just return the darn thing as I am sure many other folks will too.

As I said, this is mostly a user forum where fellow Live users try to help others (and are often successful).  But apparently you weren’t looking for solutions, so this really wasn’t an appropriate place for you to post. 

And, truly, the Live is not for everyone, so returning it is indeed probably the best thing for you to do.  No harm, no foul, and I really do wish you the best in finding what suits your needs.