Network Shares Not Showing After Computer Is Turned Off

I’m a new user of the SMP and reading through most of the Help Sections I was able to get everything set up.My problem is that I can only access my movies through Network Shares when my computer is on. If I turn it off the Network Shares just keeps searching to no end. I have Windows 7, wireless router, External Hard Drive connected to my computer. 

Does the computer have to remain on for SMP to recongnize the movie files on my external hard drive ?


When I turn on the SMP, with the computer off, I have to reconnect the wireless network everytime.

Help please .

if your hard drive is connected to your computer then the computer needs to be on at the same time. Its the computer thats doing the network sharing of the hard drive. You could of course connect your drive directly to the WD player and then the computer can be turned off.

Are you saying that the player does not connect automatically to the wifi unless the computer is on. How do you connect when it is off and what happens on the player

Your reply answered both of my issues. The computer staying on solved it. I’ll be attaching the external HD as soon as I get all my movies together.

Thanks for all your help.