Network Shares Issue


Went from WDTV V1 to Livehub a few days ago, initially impressed, nice interface, easy shares, network cable connected and everything available no problems, or so I thought…

Using  2.05.08 Firmware and Win 7.

I thought network shares was working correctly, as as soon as it was visible, I went in a folder and played a video.

But now, if I switch the WDTV Hub off then on, it sees my network shares but if I click on a file, it comes up saying Content not found, if you have recently moved…blah blah !!

The only way I can play the files, is to restart the box through the Operation menu…

Is this a known bug, anything I can do about it ?

Thanks for any help.

Fixed it…well WD fudged it as usual :slight_smile:

Rolled back firmware.

You know times are bad, when there are dedicated links to rollback firmware, and they even rename them for you.

Surely its a bad sign…you would think I would have learnt after the WDTV 1 was dumped by them so quickly…DOH !!