Network Shares: Intermittently can't connect, requires cycling Off/On to fix

I have:

WD TV Live Plus1.06.42, hardwired via router to a WD MyBookWorld “white light” NAS.

All devices set to Workgroup “WORKGROUP”.

Intermittently, when I try to connect to any Network Shares, the WDTV stops on the “Connecting…” screen (no spinning circle).  It is not locked up; I can use the Home or Back key and navigate elsewhere. It just won’t go any further in the connect to shares sequence. 

The problem can only be fixed by cycling the Power button on the WDTV remote.  Once that is done, the Network Shares work perfectly.

Other network devices (2 wireless PCs) work consistently well with shares,.

Any insight into a more usable fix than cycling Off/On?  Thanks for reading…

Check if using a static IP helps, also install the latest firmware if you don’t have it. 

I have been having this exact same issue since the new firmware update… I will give the static IP a shot, however I think that if it doesn’t fix the problem I will have to rollback to the older firmware

Setting WD to a Static IP didn’t fix my issue… I’m on version 1.06.43