Network shares dropping

I have the issue with not being able to see my network share from time to time.  However I am to see and stream the media server  running off of //livingroom with absolutely no issues. 

temporary fix: power cycle router.  This works for a while.

My troubleshooting steps:

all on the same workgroup: check (not currently named workgroup)

valid internet connection: check

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

The MSbrowse is currently set to //Josh

The below screenshot is when I can not see the network share.


I should add

wired connection

\livingroom is a win 7 machine

router firewall and windows firewall is currently enabled.

WDTV player is fully up to date. 

the WDTV live player is on dynamic IP allocation.   (I wonder if I should change it to a static IP) .  There is a switch in my network but the router does all the DHCP assignments. 

The router is ISP provided.  

I see that you get the same result pinging as I did when I had a problem with the player.

I did not get any answer pinging on the name. Pinging on the IP number always worked 

The DNS function did not work for me acc. to my player.

I still live with this malfunction resulting in power cycling of router, resetting and power  cycling of the player.

I have now seen that if I cant reach my shared folders instantly, I chose internet before trying again with network share.

I often succed when returning to network share.


Thanks for the advice.  I found that going to internet media then back to network shares worked.  Thanks for the tip.