Network shares disapearing


i have a problem with wd tv live hub and windows shares. i know the problem have been covered in many post, but after a couple of months of research on the forum and else i couldn’t solve the it…:flushed:

so i’m running the latest firmware on the wd and windows 7 in updated (i uninstalled windows live stuff, i red can arise incompatibility with wd). i’m not using the wd’s internal memory but i have 2 folders on share on win 7, everything work great until i shut down the pc, then when i turn it on wd empty my media library, if i reset the media library or i set up again windows shares wd finds all the content. the pc is the only element of this lan together with the wd, they are connected via cable by a buffalo router. after the content is found everything is perfect: no buffering, no drops in the frame rate but it is very annoying to setup win share every single time i shut down the pc.

i did some testing with net view commands and find out wd is always the master browser.

any idea?


Yes, you’re right, the issue is covered in a number of posts, and the answer is always the same.

If you disconnect the PC while the WD is still on, the WD is going to lose access to the PC which contains the media library database.

The WD is not going to spend a lot of time trying to reconnect.  After a period of a few minutes (?) it’s going to give up and stop looking for the PC.

You do NOT need to go through all the backflips you’re doing.  

Option 1-  Turn off the WD before you turn off the PC.   I mean turn it OFF.  Do not put it in Standby, which is different than OFF.   Also, turn on the PC several minutes before turning the WD back on.

Option 2-  Just restart the WD when that issue occurs.   Setup / System / Device Restart.

Thanks for the reply, sorry for resuming this topic but i couldn’t get if a fix was possible or not.

you mentioned to turn off the wd, you mean to unpower it before shutting down the pc or simply to turn it off (no stby), meaning just pressing the off button, i ask you this becouse i noticed that when i turn the box off, from time to time i hear the fan, and that’s weird since the device is supposed to be off.

one last think, is any chache in your opinion, that this approach to the networing is going to be changed in a future update? i used to have a atv2 with XBMC and i noticed that approach to networking was smarter, basically XBMC assumes the last state of the lan, also the browsing was more fluid since xbmc was assuming the same structure of the shares until a rescan, so that the browsing of the content is very fast compared to the wd, since xbmc doesn’t need to recheck the content every time you access the share.

regards and thanks againg


If you hear the fan and/or see the network LEDs blinking, it’s not off, it’s in standby.

To turn it OFF, eject any attached drives and hold the power button down for 3 seconds.

I really have no idea if WD will change that behavior or not… 

thanks, i choose to turn the led off, and usually i just press the button once, so i guess i always put the box on stby instead… that’s why i was always loosing the shares…! good to know, thanks, i just hope the three second press works also with the iphone application, since is the only remote i use.

let’s keep the fingers crossed for an update even if it’s likely they will release a new device instead…and it’s a real pity because i found this product very good, the playback capability is very exellent, also the interface it’s ok, movie scraping is perfect, the tv series scraping it’s a bit doggy but acceptable…