Network Shares - continuously have to change workgroup name for it to show?


I recently setup my wdtv hub paired w/ an E3000 Linksys router.

When the network shares drive shows up on the wdtv the system

works great but when the shares disappears it is a pain to get it back.

I have already changed my E3000 router workgroup name to something

differnet, however I am noticing that once the network shares disappears.

I have to always change the workgroup on my laptop in order to get

network shares to show again on the wdtv hub.

anyone know why I have to change the workgroup name everytime?

 - does it have to do with something about the “master browser”?

Sorry for the long post

 - I appreciate anyone who takes the time to respond.

You’re changing the E3000’s workgroup name to something DIFFERENT than the Hub and Laptop, right?

yes - I changed it to ciscogroup

 - wdtv hub & laptop are both on workgroup.