Network shares, can see some files

Just bought a WDTV Live a couple of days ago and while I’m liking most things I’m still having issues. I have two shares on a Windows 7 64 bit machine, one is an internal drive the other is an external usb drive plugged into the computer They are both shared with full permissions for each of them. Both have a variety of media on them including avi, mp4, and mkvs.

I can connect to the computer from the WDTV just fine either using the anonymous login or a specific user I created for the WDTV. Both shares show up fine and I can see the directories on each. When I choose the external drive, everything shows up and all is well. Video playback works just fine.

The problem is accessing the other drive. I can see the directories, but when I attempt to open one I get the error that the directory is empty. This is the same for all the directories in that share. If I try to add it as a media library, I get an error that the drive can’t be written to due to it being write protected.

I have double checked all the sharing options and they are all correct. I’ve also checked for the master browser issue and the pc that is doing all the sharing is set as the master browser. The only thing I can think of is the fact that the drive I’m attempting to access is pretty full, with about 1.5 TB used with a little over 3k videos on it spread out amongst the folders. Any ideas?

You may try resetting the WD TV, by holding its reset button for 1 second.  You may also try accessing the USB drive, havng it connected to another computer, in order to comapre results.  If the drive is a 2 TB, having 1.5 TB used should not be an issue, however if it is a 1.5 TB drive you may free up some space and retry.

I’ll give that a shot later. Is holding down the reset button different from resetting to factory defaults? Because I’ve done that several times as well.

And the USB drive is the one that is fine, its the internal drive that has been an issue. And I’ve tried it on two systems, Windows XP home  and Windows 7. Both have had the same issue. And now that I think about it, the drive itself is a WD green drive.

Just an update. I was able to have the WD Live see and play back all of the media that was on the 2 TB internal drive. Turns out the permissions I was setting were not taking. I changed the permissions in the security tab of the drive properties and then was able to see the files, play them back, and allow the WD Live to index them with no problems. Since I think that solved the problem, I’ve moved the drives back to my windows XP system, since I’d rather have a dual core box going 24x7 versus a i7.