Network Shares and Windows Home Server

First off, I’ve had many issues getting WD TV Live to play VOB/ISO files without stuttering at various intervals, 5 mins, 20 mins, etc.  I finally hooked up a hard LAN line instead of using Simultaneous Dual Band N Wireless.  The hard LAN line seems to be working, however initial playback of a movie will sometimes stutter and then “catchup” and not stutter for the rest of the movie.

My main question is, under Windows Home Server I have a main share that has Music, Photos, Videos, Software,

etc.  What I find strange is why do all of my shares show up under each WD category…

Photos - shows: Music, Photos, Videos, Software. 

Music - shows: Music, Photos, Videos, Software.

Video - shows: Music, Photos, Videos, Software.

How do you separate these out to only show the correct corresponding network share?

Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide.

Same thing here. Interesting that only the proper folder is actually accessable though. ie: if you select the photos folder while browsing for music from the top menu, it won’t load it.

That’s the way shares work…  The WDTV has no way of knowing what’s in each folder…   It’ll show you everything every time.

The only way of doing this the way you want is to use a local (USB) HD which will compile a media library.