Network share

HI guys , i am trying now for 2 days need help please …

I am currently attempting  to watch movies movies on my network using  wd player . The issue i am having is that i have over 500 movies in 5 different folders. My media player recognise my folders but display less than 100 movies , plus my cover art and backdrop will not show up.

I selected media server as my content source … if i choose network share it says content unavailable . Can someone please tell me what i am doing wrong …

thanks .

Are the files/movies that are missing .ISO files? I am unsure if those will play assuming that the WDTV your using may need to scrape the entire file before use which is highly inefficient over a network where MKV, AVI’s, WMV’s and such can be streamed by geting the start of the file. You may want to convert them to these files and test it. (Unless I am a total noob which is possible LOL). My friend had a similar issue and i suspected that was the problem, he never got back to me.

Im pretty sure its because it will only share Video files that the PC Media player can use.

You have to fix your network share and not use media player, then you will see all the files.