Network Share Vs. Tversity

Hey guys, got a WDTV Live recently. I started to use it with NETWORK SHARE. Then i noticed i had problems playing some files using NETWORK SHARE. Thought my problem was those files, so copied them to a USB stick and played them directly to the unit, no problems. Then I installed TVersity Media Server and now all those files work flawlessly. What am I doing wrong as far as Network Share? Tveristy works fine and all, but it doesn’t display meta content. Any advice would be great. Thanx.

I’ve noted the same issue with my WD TV SMP as well, dunno what cause it and no idea for solution except to copy the file to the USB HDD locally.

Else attempt to play the same file from network share produce “not supported file format”

I can’t explain it but DLNA streams have always been more stable / efficient, even going back to the original WDTV Live.

For example, I could get 1080p streaming without issue over Powerline from TVersity but drastically worse from Network Share.

The limiting factor with Network Shares will be the speed of your network.  If you’re wired into the network, there shouldn’t be an issue.  With Powerline or Wifi, it’ll depend on your signal strength.

I’m wired to the player and my LAN speed to the player is excellent,

i’m copy movies to the player with constant 11MB/s