Network Share unavailable after network copying!

I’ve looked through the forum and haven’t seen this anywhere. I have a WDlive+ and can see all my computers. I keep my media on a win7 64 system with a 2tb drive and a 750gb drive. The WD can access the network share after a restart and from that point on, but if I copy a new file to the shared folder I immediately get the cannot access the share message. I can restart and get access until I add another file. I can access it with the other computers win/Mac/ubuntu, it’s only the WD that fails. I have also noticed if the second HDD spins down I cannot access the share on that drive. The Media server never loses access!

Any help would be appreciated, this has been driving me nuts.

i have this exact same problem i registered just to post this lol i also have win 7 x64 same issue as you i copy new files and boom wdtv cant access the share till i reboot i thought maybe it was just me :dizzy_face:

update gave up and installed windows server r2 on same machine all good now no more problems after coping stuff