Network share problem - "Content source not found"

In windows 8.1, I have set up a folder to be shared using this method (although I never changed the registry settings). In my WDTV, I went to videos > select content source > network share > windows shares > DESKTOP > and entered my username and password.

This worked fine for a while and I was able to stream movies from my PC very well. However a number of times now I have received the error “Content source not found” and would I like to choose a different source. The error just seems to correct itself randomly over time (restarting the PC and the WDTV does nothing).

Is there any reason this is happening? Is there a known method to correct it? The firmware is up to date.


Review the steps in the link below to see if you missed something.

I had the same problem and WD was NEVER able to solve it!  Finally I found that turning off the “media library” function resolved the issue.  True, I miss some of the media library functionality, but I got fed up with having to manually clear my Windows share passwords and re-enter them every 2 or 3 days!


Your windows 8 guide asks me to select which kind of network is being used, and gives me options

Public or Home Network
Work Network

However I am shown to be on a private network.

Which option should I choose?

BGood2, thanks! My WDTV had found the network again by itself (I have no idea how) but I have now set the media library to off. I’ll monitor it for the next week or so and if it doesn’t crop up again, I’ll confirm it here.

I hope it helps you.  I can’t believe this affects everybody or it would be a “known issue”, but it seems to me that *some* of us are affected.  I’d love to get to the “root cause” of this so that WD can fix it.

Well thats been a couple of weeks, and no network share problems! Thanks again BGood

You’re welcome.  I hope WD will eventually look into this problem as I’m sure it’s not just affecting TWO of us!!

I will note that I am having that problem  “Content source not found”  WDTV/ Plex/ Ubuntu both Media Server and Network share and its crashing both.

I’ll be checking back. Thanks veryone!

Hi, i got the same problem with my system, sometimes it works, then after i come to home or i go back, i select video or folder or my desired favorites folders, i got the same the same message “Content source not found”, always on my disktation nas, it happens either in diskstaion video station  or logitech media server in the same diskstaion, or directly selecting the desired folder full of movies, i use last firm 1.01.30, i my case can’t be a rights problem, i use admin login on my diskstation.