Network Share issues

Ok…so I know that there have been many issues pertaining to Network Shares in the past, but I don’t understand this one.

I have a computer that I call “Multimedia” a Windows 7 PC.  After many issues with setups, I finally have my WD Live TV Hub boxes able to see the computer and the external hard drives connected to it.  I added folders to my media library and everything works fine.  I have the network and sharing option for passwords turned off and no issues with asking for a username and password.

Intermittently, the WD Hub tells me that it can’t play my files…mainly any ISO or MKV files, but it will play the mp4 files no problem.  If I reboot the machine, it loses all my network shares and says that I have entered an invalid username and password.  I never set one up.  I cleared the network share login info and it still doesn’t work.  The only thing that gets it to work is if I reboot the Multimedia computer completely.  Then the Hub can see everything like it used to and without needed a username and password for the network share.  I don’t know what is suddenly causing the issue and I haven’t updated my firmware either, so I don’t get it.

Anyone have any thoughts on how I can prevent this from happening?  I don’t want to have to keep rebooting the Multimedia computer each time because it’s a pain in the arse! 

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thanks all.


You’re sure you’re not using network shares and media servers intermittently? Cause that would explain no ISO/MKV which isn’t supported by some media servers. Also, do you have no password set when you boot up your Win 7 PC?

Good advice; ISO files cannot be played by the WDTV under Media servers; only can play via Network shares.

Secondly, make sure the settings for user name and passwords is not an issue – see first post of this link: