Network share issues/problems

I can see where having the option to add individual folders could be nice, but why did they have to get rid of my ability to add the user home directory for my network share to the media library? It was much easier for me to add it and let it find and show only those directories that had the right content. I’m still upset they changed it from being able to do that directly from selecting the network share as the source. I don’t use the internal drive and being able to start from the home directory saved me a step each time. It is a little annoyance now that wasn’t necessary before.  As well that it shows all folders when viewing the share directly and not just those the user has access to(though they can’t be accessed).

Expand on the original post a bit as now it keeps losing the share setup. I have to keep confirming the username and password even though I’ve selected the remember me option.

It was happening to me to, I did the old, reset to factory default after firmware update, enter the network info once, check the remember information and it work.

I had to reset twice, but now it does seem to be holding the password now.