Network Share Invalid Password/ID Scenario

I found an interesting scenario that causes the invalid ID/Password combo with my WDTVs

If I do any significant updating of content on my network shares, i sometimes find that the WDTV loses connection to these shares and I have to reboot the host PC to get back connections.

I noticed this while I was copying older legacy smaller hard drives (500 gig and 1 TB drives) into a newer 4 TB drive that will store much of my music.  

After I copied the data to the 4TB drive (which was a recognized Network Share) I lost the connection to that host PC and had to reboot to reconnect via my WDTV Live. 

This isn’t a big problem for me, but I’ve noticed it a few times when making changes to a network shared drive.  

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This information is quite interesting, and I thank you for sharing it. What Firmware revision do you currently use?

JRFishman…how is your media drive connected to your PC?  (I’m assuming it’s an external drive)  Is it on your network via wired or wireless?  Or is it USB, eSata, Firewire, etc? 

Right now I am at 1.61.  I was at the 2.x version but was concerned with all the networking issues and reverted back to 1.61

My media drives are ESATA or internal SATA drives. I do not like using externals except for image backups.  

I have a few RAID boxes (using E-SATA) as well as internally mounted SATA drives on two desktops.

 My network is a 1gbs wired network except that one of my 3 WDTV’s does use wireless instead of wired connections.