Network share gone

Well, I guess I’ve just been lucky.  I’ve been attributing my Hub’s good performance to the fact I haven’t updated my firmware for some time.  Unfortunately it just proved me wrong.  I wanted to watch a movie just now and my network share drive is not visible.  I haven’t changed a thing that I know of.  Any ideas?

This happens time to time, what I do is, make sure that the Computer is or Nas is on, then turn off the WD TV Live Hub (pressing the power button for more than 10 seconds), then wait a minute and turn the hub on, the device normally compile the media and then I can access the share folder.

normally, what i do when i experience this error is

to go to settings, networking settings, workgroup

don’t change the workgroup name and choose submit (don’t change the workgroup name) this normally restarts the network service on the wdtv live hub.

Thanks for the response guys.   Actually the solution was simpler than either of these suggestions once I found it.  It seems that my shares drive had spontaneously reconfigured itself to a non-shared condition without my help.  I guess we all know this sort of thing happens to Windows sometimes but it still amazes me.  I can only guess it is the result of a Microsoft “update” gone wrong.  Anyway, once I shared the drive again all is well.  I almost gave in and updated the firmware figuring I had nothing to lose.  I’m glad I waited.