Network share can not reconnect after shut down, new content didn't show up

Please help me, my WDTV Live hub can not reconnect to network share after shut down, my os is windows 7 professional 32 bit, used to have perfect connection with WDTV live, bought WDTV Live HUB, play with it for two days, found out that WDTV Live have a huge problem with network share. Need power cycle everytime I shut down my PC . Also just like other members mention in this forum, new content didn’t show up , need to turn of media library, and turn on again, need to recompile all the library from my before the new content show up

hmm try to disable your firewall to see if that helps…

if not:

run services.msc

find Computer Browser

change the startup type to automatic.


This should help to set your pc as the master browser, to allow it to be viewed on the network.

I did the above and till now, the hub find my network share without any problems.

Thank you for your advice, unfortunately, It didn’t work, tried both solution still can’t access network share after full shutdown (including wifi router , mine is Linksys WAG160N and Belkirm usb wifi dongle N on the wdtv live hub side ) it used to work perfectly fine with wdtv live, not with wdtv live hub. The only solution that could find is to power cycle the wdtv live hub, after full shutdown by unplug and plug back the power adapter of wdtv live hub, pleas help btw is there any way to full shutdown wdtv live hub without unplug the power adaptor?

Press & hold the power button on the remote or the front of the HUB for 3 seconds.  This completely powers off the HUB.

Thank you so much for that info, btw found another thing, if I clear the login info for network share, I can acces the network share again without the need of power off and power on again, still not a perfect solution, but it really help, anyway I use annynomous login / no user and password login for my network share, do you think this is the problem? never a problem for WDTV Live but this might be the problem for WDTV Live Hub, do you use password / luser login for your network share? can you teach me how to setup this for windows 7?