Network share by IP

So I currently have 3 WD TV Live boxes all running fine on hardwired setup.  The problem I’m now facing is that my wireless N network runs on a different subnet.  So my hardwire network is 10.0.0.x  and my wireless network is 192.168.1.x.  Any of the 192.168.1.x machines on the wireless network has full access to reach any of the hardwired pc’s including my NAS on 10.0.0.x network.

The problem currently is that the new WD TV Live is on the 192.168.1.x network, and it only searches for shares… I cannot manually add a network share (Perhaps I just don’t know how to do it manually)

What I’m trying to do is tell the box on the 192 network to go directly to a static ip.  So what I would expect is something along the lines of starting up the WD Live TV going to music then add network share

Enter Windows share as the option… if it doesn’t find anything type in \\Music for instance.  or At least give the wd tv live the ability to connect directly to an ip and search it for shares in whatever way it feels like.

This particular box is upstairs and has to use the wireless network due to no hardwires up there at all so… without cutting up walls and having to manually run wire, is there any type of solution for this?

Well, yeah, put your WiFi network on the same subnet.  That’s what I do…

For security and multiple other reasons I can’t.  So by the reply I’m guessing that it is not possible is there anything planned to support this?  It seems like a fairly straight forward to add this feature.  Detect network shares / add add server by IP.

Would be nice if something like this would be in the dev roadmap for future firmware revisions.

I recommend moving on; a firmware has been promised for over a year. We can’t be given even a rough date due to an NDA. It appears the CIA is running WD. Time to move on to a better product.

A second, less bitter reply :slight_smile: Have you considered powerplug wired adaptors? I got so fed up with wifi on my WD that I got two of them and wired from a NAS to the WD, via my switch. Worked better than wifi, and speeds were fine for 1080p content from the NAS. I use DLINK 150 ones; they’re good enough for this use.

Nitecon wrote:

For security and multiple other reasons I can’t. 

Well, that’s an interesting answer. :wink:

But just so you know, even the most recent WD players don’t have that capability.

Your case is a rather rare use-case, I’d bet, so I doubt there’d be any urgency on WD’s part to implement such a feature (though it’d solve a bazillion OTHER problems if they did that…)