Network setup help

Ok I have had my WD setup for a few years now with no real issues. I have a wd live tv hub in the main room and then a wd live plus player in 2 bedrooms. I used to have At&T uverse and the uverse boxes in the bedrooms were on the network and had ethernet cable connect ability and I just connected a cable from the uverse box to the live tv box and it worked great onthe network. Well now I have direct tv an the cable boxes do not have ethernet cable connect slots so I have no way to connect then to the wireless network that the live hub is on. I purchased a wifi usb adapter to plug into the box to connect to network bt I cannot get it to work. Any suggestions to get the other 2 boxes to connect to network?

Very hard to find USB wifi adapters that work on these boxes, so


Number one way - Run some cat5e

Number two way - Powerline adapters from Rosewill (500 mbps available)

Number three way - a wifi range extender (WD USED To make one) with a cat5 connection for your players

I only suggested the Rosewills because after 3 different brands, they worked and are still working a year later.