Network settings lost again

I wish there was a type of “oneliners” thing here… rather than making a whole post I can just voice frustration.

But anyway, since I have to make a post I’ll ask:

WD lost network settings two days ago for no reason that I know of. My NetGear Wireless N Router is about 20 feet away or so. For signal I get 3 bars out of 4 shown in WD.

I had come home and some had some stuff that finished downloading to copy over, only to find the unit lost it’s settings.

I set it back up last night, but this isn’t the first time it happened. Maybe the third.

I had done no updates or changes to firmwares or router config.

I will also ask this question:

For those of you who had to re-setup network settings for one reason or another… do you find browsing your hub is FASTER at first?

I have it mapped in Windows My Computer as Z: drive. When I click that it usually lags a little before opening directories. Whenever I re-do the network settings it’s instant! Opening directories is boom open.

Well, it’s gone again. I transferred some videos over this morning and left the computer on. I went to work, come home, and see I can’t connect to the WD again. About to walk to the living room.

Went into Network settings and it was completely empty. I entered my network name, password, waited, and it’s setup again. Wonder why I keep losing it?

Is that ALL that gets lost?

It’s gone yet again!

Yes that’s all that gets lost… network settings… once I put them back in it’ll stay for a bit, not sure how long. I have a Netgear WNR2000V3 router and the latest firmware for it and a D-Link DWA-130 connected to the hub.

Hmmm.   I was thinking on the lines of the internal battery failing – and losing some settings, but I imagine that would affect more than just WiFi settings.

Do the settings even disappear from the “Saved” network list, or whatever it’s called?

It says “Previously Connected Wireless Connection” or something like that. My wireless name is listed in there, but if you try and connect it won’t connect. The only way to do it is if I go where you setup network, enter my network name and password, it will eventually connect.

This **bleep**… I can’t figure out how to get it to connect at all now.

Wish a moderator could move this to the right forum for network… maybe I’d get more views there.

If you’ve only got 20 feet to the router then try plugging in a CAT-5 cable. That may help figure out if it’s a Wi-Fi problem or a WDTV software problem. Plus you’ll have a muuuuch faster connection :wink:

If I get ethernet cable 20 feet turns into 40 or 50 say. It’ll have to run from the WD, up the wall, down the hall, down the wall to go under a door, then back up the wall to go over a bathroom door, around the wall to where the router is, then down the wall to it.

I used to have a cable running for something else and it looked like **bleep** since I’m not good at it.

Cable is cheap enough if I use… $8.67 for a 50 foot white.

Do you know if flat ethernet cable performs as good? That might go nicer on the wall.

My network has been down for a good 3 or 4 days. **bleep** because every time I log in to Windows it says “Some network drives could not be connected” or whatever it says and I have to click X to close it.

I was just too lazy in trying to get it fixed since I didn’t really need the WD right now.

Well, today out of nowhere it’s working.