Network requiring WEB password

Hi All,

I have a boat in a marina that I used the WD TV Live with.  And we have marina wifi that requires a web password similar to as if you were in a hotel, the wifi network is open, but once connected you have to login using a web browser.

I searched the forums and called support today, and I stumbled upon this on my own…

Go to the Settings Menu>System>About and press the search button on the remote, will bring up a web browser and it indeed shows the login screen.  

I didn’t have a keyboard with me, so I’ll have to try it later, but it appears to be the way to make it work.  

If WD is reading this, please leave this feature!!  

I had a mouse with me, but there weren’t enough characters on the screen to copy/past the correct password and try and log in. 

It sure would be nice to have an on screen keyboard, or maybe a keyboard in the app for the iPhone.  (suggestion hint)

The “Hidden Browser” was discovered Years ago …

if you searched the forum (thoroughly) you would have found the information.


That’s great, I’m glad you took the time to post links to web browser in a single post.  That information might be helpful to someone else new here.   I  didn’t have one years ago, and I wasn’t even trying to browse the internet at all.  I was looking for a way to connect to a wifi network that has a web password, such as if you were in a hotel with an open wifi but a page that requires you to enter login information.

I did try searching, and didn’t come up with anything that fit.  In fact, the only thing useful I found that led me to the browser was this old thread about WD TV Play:

And, it was barely mentioned in one post on page 2.

The only reason I bothered posting this was to INFORM OTHER PEOPLE LOOKING FOR SIMILAR INFORMATION.

Your response, aside from having the relevant browser information, is completely irrelevant to my post, and not helpful at all.  Try understanding the subject next time by (thoroughly) reading what the poster is trying to say.

It IS helpful since he put links in it where people can read up about this. And since its old threads, I’d say yes, yours is the one that’s not helpful.