Network Recycle Bin?

Hi All, 

I can see the option for the recycle bin (to turn on and off) but where is the option to use it. It may be a newbie question but how does this work? How does it integrate with windows?

System = Win 7 Home Premium,  WDEX4 4*4TB RAID 10

Thanks in advance


User manual page# 50 and page# 119 (or PDF page#s 55 & 124) ->

Thanks - I hadn’t thought of looking in the manual!

Unfortunately, that does not even touch on the question I asked. Where does the recycle bin reside when accessing via Windows? Can it be accessed via windows? Or is there a part in the NAS admin page where it resides?

Please help


Anyone have any ideas?

Ok - This is resolved. This was me being a newbie on the NAS.

The recycle bin shows up in the root of the NAS when accessed via Windows explorer > network >  WD Ex4