Network problems

Dear all,

I have some issue’s regarding my setup of the WDTVLiveHub…

I have a provider that sometimes changes my IP adress, so always when I shutdown the WDTVLiveHub for a day or something… it gets a new IP adress.

But every time when I want to search the device on my pc via WD Link i get the message that there are no network devices are discovered while the device is on. The WDTVLiveHub is just simply connected to a network switch.

Can anyone help me to get is fixed so I can - everytime I startup the device - I just need to open WD Link and that he finds the device without any problem and so I can add it to my explorer to copy files to it?

Really don’t know what I’m doing wrong but this can’t be normal I almost never can use the device when I want.

Hope the get some usefull info from you guy’s.


You don’t have a router between your ISP and your home network?

Not really a router just a simple network switch or hub or how do you call it, don’t know…

My ISP cable is connected directly to that hub… then from that hub two utp cables goes to my two pc’s… the third cable goes directly to the WDTVLiveHub.

Sometimes I’m able to find the WDTVLiveHub via WD Link but from the moment my IP changes it’s not working anymore.

Massive security risk aside, I’ve believe the WD strongly expects your network to be a single local subnet.   Meaning, you really need to have a router.

I’m using something like this… but the one I use is a older version:


That’s a simple switch, not a router.  ;)

But this switch can cause malfunction of the WDTVLiveHub via WD Link?

Issen’t there any other solution beside getting a router instead of this switch?

No, it’s probably more like how your ISP is doing IP address assignments…  Something you have absolutely no control over unless you use a router.

But I will re-iterate:   Without a router, you’re exposing EVERY device on your home network to easy hacking attempts from the itnernet…  

If you have “Public” shares on your PC, I could easily delete anything in them … in an instant.   All I need to do is find your PC …  which people are looking all the time for such insecure networks.

Get a router.