Network problems with WD TV Live

My WDTV live just recently randomly loses its networking completely. It has been in service for over a year with no issues. I have a Windows 7 PC running PlayOn as well as several shared folders for video. I also have a Seagate Theater + and my daughter uses an XBox to watch video via PlayOn.Both of these devices have never once had a problem. The WDTV will just stop working while playing or will not see any shares on startup. I have tried automatic settings, I have tried manual setup, using known Time Warner DNS addresses, I have tried—6, Google DNS, Open DNS, etc with no difference, it works and works fine until it stops working. When it stops working, the network test fails showing no DNS and no Internet connection. I don’t know why it cannot see LAN shares without DNS, but that is what happens. I also have 3 other PC’s in the house and never has there been a problem using shares. I have reset the device and pulled the plug many many times. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I reset the wd tv live using the hidden button, set all windows shares to NOT require a username/password, gave full control to “everyone”, then restarted everything. I have 4 shared drives, all of which are using the same parameters. The WD TV Live Networking is set to auto and the test passes.

List of Drives:

D:\ - 3TB Seagate

E:\ - 2 TB WD

G:\ - 3TB WD

H:\ - 3TB External WD MyBook

The WD TV Live sees only “H” and “Users\Public”, which is automatically shared. The three other PC’s I have all see all of the shares and can read/write/delete with no issues. The Seagate Theater + also can play videos from any of the drives.