Network problem


I’ve got a MyCloud EX4 since about a month now and it works perfect for me. I’ve got one ‘problem’ though.
It’s not really a problem, but it would help me a lot if it would be fixed!

Right now, it’s attached to my router upstairs, which sends out 2 networks.

My router is connected to the HEAD router of our providor, which is downstairs.

My router is connected via powerline adapters to the head router downstairs.

I’m trying to figure out how I can access my NAS from the HEAD router.
Right now when I’m downstairs, I cannot access my NAS. I’m currently connected to the connection my providor gives us (Telenet, from Belgium).

Since this is probably quite unclear, here’s a small scheme;

  • Headrouter (Telenet)

          - My router upstairs, sending out at 2.4 and 5 ghz.

I haven’t found out why I can’t access my NAS when I’m downstairs, since it’s on the network, but when I’m upstairs I have no problem…
Anybody who might have an idea or a clue? Because it would help me a lot! :slight_smile:

What are the ip addresses of the two routers?

how did you configure the two routers - is one defined as a access point only router?

Can you connect to the upstairs router wirelessly anywhere around your house?

Are you talking about hardwired systems connected to the router having this problem or even wireless devices?

What are the ip addresses of the two routers?

The router I installed upstairs is currently noted onto
The router on our providor is actually a good question because so far I don’t know… I can access it’s control panel via the actual website of our provider, so I don’t instantly know… it’s via that we can change some settings for it.

how did you configure the two routers - is one defined as a access point only router?

I guess the one upstairs (that I connected to the one downstairs via powerline adapters) is an AP.

Can you connect to the upstairs router wirelessly anywhere around your house?

Nope. I can’t say for sure, but the network downstairs should reach further now. I changed the setting from 2.4Ghz to 5Ghz beginning this week, so that should be better. The networks from downstairs (on both frequencies) are reaching quite far, but when I am downstairs I’ll have problems connecting to them.

Basically the way I have it set up is so I have the upstairs router for a wireless connection upstairs and the downstairs router for downstairs, as both of them don’t reach far enough.

Are you talking about hardwired systems connected to the router having this problem or even wireless devices?

Not sure what you mean with this honestly. I have no troubles connecting to the chosen network when I want to (e.g. upstairs to one of the 2 I set up upstairs) so that’s not a problem.

The NAS is currently wired to my upstairs router (as I don’t want to put it downstairs (and there’s not enough space either)) and it’s perfectly reachable from my Pc, Macbook, iDevices… But when I’m downstairs I can’t reach it.

It’ll pop up when I’m connected to the upstairs Wifi-connections, but not when I’m connected to the headrouter’s wifi.

@ WaxWeazle,

I will give you a websitelink with pictures how to cascade 2,3,4 routers properly.

If you want to access your EX4 you have to cascade the 1st Router to the 2nd Router both over the LAN ports and not 1st Router to the second router to the LAN to WAN port. 

And switch off DHCP in the second Router and set it to a Static IP address that fits in the IP address pool of the 1st router and you will be able to access the EX4 from the second router as well the first router through the first Router and visa versa. This by hardwired or wireless.

You can only have 1 DHCP server (which are in both routers when you are in the e.g web site page http://  or another IP address that  is access it with your admin and password) on your LAN and Workgroup, you can have different DHCP servers in different DOMAINS and their Workgroups which serve each their own LAN area, but they can’t see each other.  ;-)

Good luck.

Hey Pacifi_Dollars, thanks for your reply.

Thing is, I found that whole process already, but for some reason when I try that out, the whole network upstairs collapses and I can’t fix it. It takes me 30min/1hour before I finally have the whole thing fixed back to the normal settings as I can’t get an internetconnection anymore if I just turn it back on.

Really awkward problem, but a pain in the **bleep** too…

I thought I just had to turn off DHCP, give my router the correct IP-address and give my NAS a static IP.
I’m trying to figure out why, but when I change my router’s IP to 0.2 for now, my PC says I’m connected to the net, but I can’t open google or anything. If I change it back to 1.1 at the end, it works perfectly fine though and my internet connection works.

I’m quite confused too after all this messing around with my Router, trying to get this to work… I was wondering if there happens to be another chance on having a solution for this…?

A stupid thing to say perhaps, but what if I would attach my NAS towards a Powerline Adapter instead of my router, would the NAS then be connected to the head router as well? Thus fixing this whole thing? :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I’m currently having another problem… After I tried that ‘solution’ again, I finally fixed my connection, though my NAS won’t show up on the network and I can’t reach it via the IP… The IP is the same that I type, so I’m starting to become clueless now…



Edit 2: NAS back up! Forgot that my NAS was at 2.105, while my router’s IP was changed to 1.1 so I couldn’t access my NAS. Can now access my  NAS again as I changed my router’s IP again.

so is the problem you were having is fixed and it works the way you had wanted?

ifnot, post what issue(s) still remain and we can try to help.

@ WaxWeazle,

Router should or can be on e.g. or, or

LAN Private LAN address pools are:

IPv6 fe80::e9fb:23a6:2e28:a31c%11 40 bit

IPv4 -            24 bit -       20 bit
 -    16 bit

Choose anyone you like and work from there. But in one Workgroup stay with one same number, so 10 stays with 10 and 172 with 172 and 192 with 192.

You have to sit down and decide about every hard ware that needs an IP address which one you want it to assign but always in the same pool, not outside of it of that pool, otherwise you can’t see each other.

Also use the same gateway, which is in this case and under every IP address a subnet mask of

Then the DHCP address pool is from to, which is in this case 50 IP addresses

So you connect a Switch or hub directely to the first Router then connect everything that  has wired Hardware there and you can cascade a second router if you find that the wires are getting too long elsewhere you want them.

Then you use a cable on the LAN ports from the Switch to the second router or directly on the first router and assign it a STATIC IP adress as high as possible like, 149, or 150, you can even put a switch or hub there to divide some hardware if necessary from the second router LAN ports or just on the LAN ports of the second router, e.g. your EX4 NAS or any NAS, or any hardware that needs IP addresses as long as the IP addresses coming from the FIRST ROUTER DHCP pool. Remember 1 DHCP server on your Workgroup, etc etc. All hardware needs to have the same name Workgroupname e.g. Admin, Warehouse, Games, etc   where it is assignable, where it is not able to be assigned, leave it to just “Workgroup”. It will still appear in the Lan, but takes a little longer to do so.

PS Make sure your EX4 NAS has the Workgroup set. I have not looked into that, but I assume there is somewhere in the dashboard where you can do that, or if not, it will be just workgroup and it just takes time to appear on the network, also make sure that you have the Gateway IP (in this case address right on every PC, NAS, other HARDware wether static or by DHCP. If not, you cannot see each other on the LAN.