Network problem

Hi Guys,

I have a problem with my network share. Here is my situation.

I have a Thomson TG585 broadband modem/router. I have connected both my PC and my WD TV live on the modem/router by Ethernet cables. Now I am able to browse the internet thru my PC and I can access utube , facebook and other few websites through my WD TV live directly on the TV.

The problem is my WD TV live is not talking to my PC (cant access the folder that contains media files in my PC), the networking set up is showing green ticks on WD TV live. But I am unable access my PC via media share or media server.

I downloaded WD discovery program and tried to map the network and it says my IP address 192.Bla bla bla and network path not found.

I think there is some thing wrong with the setup in my PC. I use windows XP service pack 3 as my OS.

Can any one please give me a step by step guide line how to setup my PC on the network so that my PC and WD TV live can talk to each other.

Just to update you that I bought this WD TV live about 2 weeks ago and it has the latest Firmware 1.06.15 in it. This is the first time I am connecting my WD TV live in the network.

Thanks in advance.


Bala K

If you have the 585v7 then that router is utterly awful at best, it’s the one I had, and I had the same problems as well… It even resets itself after awhile and changes custom NAT settings applied using TELNET back to stock defaults, I hate it


So what did you do? Changed the modem/router?. you have any suggestion on best one?


I have the same problem:

windows xp sp3

wd live tv is able to see the pc but if I click on it it doesn’t enter

Finally I nailed the problem. It was some of my networking services that have to be started. To do that on the run command type “services.msc” and press enter, A new window will open with the all the services that are running and start the services those are belongs to networking.

Also I had to play around with the settings of my Thomson TG585 V7 modem/router. 

Now all work fine, The web browsing thru media player works (like utube). I can see my 1TB external hard drive that I have connected to my WD TV live as a new network drive.

Thanks to Google…


Bala K

which services you had to start?


I started almost all the services with starting name as net or network, also I read thru the services descriptions and if I feel that is important to network then I started that services too.

Sorry for not being specific. I am at work. After I reach home I print screen the page and paste it.

It may help you.


Bala K

ok, many thanks

No way.

I started all network related services but I’m still not able to connect to the pc.

It is a windows xp sp3

Hi bro,

sorry for my delayed reply. I forgot abt that completely… L don’t know how to attach a picture… Pass me ur email id… i send them… And im not a nerd in computers… so these are setup work for me. also you have to work around with your fire wall settings of virus program…