Network problem from Live Plus firmware upgrade


I have a Live Plus with a Buffalo Nfiniti USB adapter in my bedroom which connects via wireless  to a Live Hub wired into a router in my living room. I just upgraded my Live Plus from 1.03.49b to 1.04.31b and 1.06.16 and I have noticed that I cannot save files to the Live Hub and stream movies from the Live Hub to the Live Plus at the same time without the stream freezing. I went back to 1.03.49b and the problem went away. Has anyone noticed this? It does not make sense as the Live Hub was untouched so it should not affect its ability to stream videos to my Live Plus. I guess the firmware updates to my Live Plus have affected its ability to stream videos. I would really appreciate anyone’s help with this.


There were many changes to the SAMBA protocol in the Live / Live+ between 1.03.49 and now.   Some of these changes may have made it more sensitive to the congestion you’re putting on the Hub.

The hub’s filesharing performance isn’t that great to begin with, and when you’re saving and streaming at the same time, it can cause delays that the Live+ may not be able to deal with anymore.