Network problem detecting on MBL


I have a network hard disc wd 3Tb, I was using from the past 8 months. But suddenly i can not see on my windows 7 network the storage device.

On the network it is showing as media device, ( i want to appear as before, as storage device), if I right click properties it is showing the following IP address

the web page it showing Twonky media, I can browse all my data, music videos, etc.

But I want the normal way to open o windows to browse all may files and folder, it is almost 2.7TB of data stored.

Even my smart TV, it is still able to access the movies of my hard disk.

On windows I can ping the IP address, but nothing is showing on my network.

Iam affraid to reset the hard disk to not loose my data.

Please help me to solve this issue.

No need to reset, if MBL is seeing by other devices and can be accessed by IP.

What do you get when you access it by IP? Try the following:

Browser type:

Windows explorer type: //

sounds like the Samba server (windows) is off or corrupt.

Can you access the DashBoard?  If so, then turn on SSH  http://ipadressmbl/ssh 

Then you can use Putty to access the MBL via SSH. Then you can restart Samba. 
 If this doesn’t work, then maybe you should try to reinstall the most recent firmware manually from teh Dashboard. That will repair a broken Samba server