Network Problem connecting to iMac and MP4 Playback

Hi all - I used to be able to connect to my iMac over my Ethernet network - then it stopped working - did not change any settings on either the WDHDTV Live box or the iMac.

When I now go to network shares and try connecting to the iMac am told there’s no media - it’s full of media with connected drives full of the stuff so have to resort to playing off a local USB drive - is there any workaround?

I can however connect to Vuze… but everything seems to be MP4 which leads to to the next question…

My box used to play .mp4 but seeming now the codec or something has changed either in a firmware update or the files have changed as some that used to play now wont. If I select Transcode in Vuze it transcodes the file to what it says can be read by the WDHDTV Live box which is seen on the network but still even transcoding won’t play the audio.

I’ve seen a lot of people having issues with MP4s now… some people say it’s because the .mp4 is a container file with multi-channel audio which is .aac encoded… either way WD say it plays .mp4, so they should be working on a fix as a lot of unhappy users out there these days!

The only way I can get .mp4 files to play now is to endode to .mkv and use .mp3 audio as trying any other audio works for a bit then get loud crackles and pops which will make you half **bleep** yerself if watching Ghost Adventures… then the sound cuts out till I turn the box off and on again… For that I use Handbrake.

If anyone knows any workarounds about my network issue and playing MP4’s I’d love to know.

C’mon WD - fort it out!




Regarding the network problem, what’s the OS version for your IMac?

As a recommendation, you can try restoring the media player back to factory defaults and make sure that you have the latest firmware that came out 2/27/13


Please follow the link below