Network Places

For some reason my My Book Love doesn’t appear in my network since I changed its name. When I first unboxed it, it would appear - but not anymore.

It appears as a media source (for photos and videos), as storage (opens up a browser) but to see it in the network places I have to type its IP address (or map it).

Any idead why and how to fix this?

That’s weird, once you map it, it should stay mapped.

If you changed its name, and you originally mapped it by name instead of IP address, you need to delete the previous mapping and re-map it.

The mappings stay in place (because I’m using the IP address). What I’m talking about is the network section in Windows, where you can traverse the network; where you see other PCs on the network.

Additionally, I can’t type \{server-name}\share - it can’t find it, but it can if use the IP address.

Make sure the Workgroup name matches your PCs, and also try to reboot the MBL.

They’re the same. I’ve rebooted a number of times.

I believe, though, that this is the underlying issue. I originally changed it to something else from WORKGROUP. When I realize that all the PCs are WORKGROUP I changed it back…but too late. No one cares. He left the party and is no longer welcomed.