Network Password?

So i just set up my My Cloud Mirror and its working fine.
Now the problem is our company shares the router with 3 other companies and they have access to the cloud via the network. How can i protect my cloud?

Unless you’re using public shares, you need a MCM username and password to access anything within shares on the device. I’d always recommend to make your added shares private anyway on general principles unless there’s an overriding reason to use a public one.

Unfortunately the default public share is not removable (at least without major lower-level hacking about), but if you just keep that empty and keep an eye on it that no-one from any company starts using it then you should be OK.

The other alternative could be to set your own router up as a sub-domain and then have that router connect to the shared one, so you have your own network that just links to the main one for outside access. But that’s a bit beyond the scope of this forum to advise on (but is something I would probably have done from the get-go rather than everyone sharing one network with all the inherent security risks that brings).

we in deed used a public share and didnt realize it! thank you for the help

we tested it again and apperantly they dont even get the option to login and they see our private shares, we use mac they use windows

They may see them at the top level, but can they go beyond that top level and actually see what’s inside the share?